Why Does a Roof Certification Matter?

When it’s time to sell your home, you’ll need to prove the roof is in good condition. Without this certification, the sale may be halted. Pierce Roofing has inspected roofs for 15 years throughout the Colorado Springs area. Here’s all you need to know about a roof inspection certificate and why it matters.certified roofers colorado springs

What Is a Roof Certification?

A roof inspection certificate verifies whether a roof has been examined by professionals. As long as your roof passes inspection, it will receive one of these certificates. This document tells you that your roof should last for at least 3-5 years, barring adverse weather events.

Why Do You Need One?

Obtaining a roof inspection certificate is important when you buy or sell a home. This document proves that the home’s roof is in good condition. Buying a house without one could put you at risk, and a damaged roof that needs replacing down the line could potentially cost thousands of dollars. Getting someone to inspect the roof will help avoid such a scenario, thankfully. It’s important to know whether there’s anything wrong with the property’s roof before finalizing the sale.

What Does the Inspector Look For?

During their visit, an inspector will look at both sides of your roof. They’ll be searching for specific signs of damage and wear. If they don’t see any, they’ll give the roof a passing inspection.

A roof inspector will look for all the following items:

Missing shingles
Signs of degradation
Ridges and drip edges
HVAC mounting
Downspouts and gutters

The inspector will always take notes about the roof while they’re looking for damage. They’ll mark down the roof’s type and pitch, its age, and repair history. All this information goes into a report at the end, giving you a detailed history of the roof.

Once the process is completed, you’ll receive a certificate that signifies your roof has been professionally inspected.

How Often Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

You should get your roof inspected at least once per year. If you’re looking to buy a home or sell a property, you’ll definitely want to request an inspection then. Even homeowners should still schedule them yearly.

Keeping up on roof inspections may save you hassle down the road and can often prevent you from needing to buy a complete replacement. By inspecting your roof often, you’ll learn of any issues before they become more serious and have a chance to nip these problems in the bud.

Roofs in Colorado tend to go through a lot. Significant storms can rip apart your shingles. A hailstorm could damage most of the roof, even without you realizing it. On top of your yearly roof inspection, professionals recommend scheduling one after a major storm. Learning about damage early helps to limit any potential repairs.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

If you’re interested in getting a roof inspection, you can rely on us. Pierce Roofing can send over an inspector to assess your roof right away for $175, which includes the cost of the inspection and the certificate.

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