Screened In: The Benefits of Gutter Guards

Gutters get installed on every new home built. The purpose of a gutter is to direct rain and other debris away from the home to protect it from soil erosion, which can damage your property.Gutter Guards in Colorado Springs

A gutter guard, also called a screen, helmet, or cover, is a mesh-type or screen contraption that prevents rodents and large debris from getting into your rain gutter. Gutter guards go on top and at the ends of gutters and are designed to alleviate the dangerous work of gutter cleaning because they keep leaves and other debris from getting trapped in the channel.

Gutter guards are also necessary for some of the following reasons.

Helps Homeowners Avoid Rodent and Other Infestations

Mice, birds, bats, squirrels, and spiders love to breed and live in gutters. Since gutters are close to the house, small animals and pests can stay warm in your gutters during the cold months of the year. Additionally, gutters hold stagnant water, which insects love. Gutter guards not only help minimize the water that collects in gutters, but the holes make it hard for rodents to get into the gutter. Gutter guards also block these rodents from getting through the gutter, through the woodwork, and into your home.

Prevent Rust from Damaging Gutters

The likelihood of rust or corrosion forming in gutters due to water sitting in them increases when they aren’t cleaned often. When you install gutter guards, they prevent leaves and pine needles from laying damp inside your gutter. Having an empty, clean gutter channel is what will help extend the life of your gutter.

Improves Gutter Water Flow

Gutter guards encourage water to flow through the gutter system without clogging. In addition to the water flowing freely, it will also be cleaner and have fewer contaminants in it as it flows away from your home.

Gutter Guards Save Time and Money

Most homeowners will understand the importance of having gutters cleaned a few times a year to prevent dirt, debris, and rodents from causing clogs. Unless they are brave enough to get up on a roof-high ladder to do it themselves, they will usually be paying professionals to do the job. Gutter guards are an investment that pay for themselves by helping you save on the expense of having your gutters cleaned so often. While cleaning will still be necessary, gutter guards can significantly reduce the amount of maintenance that will be needed.

All homes will have a gutter installed, but a naked gutter is a breeding ground for rodents and insects. Over time, they will also collect debris, dirt, leaves, and tree limbs. Therefore, gutter guards are necessary to help keep your gutters clean and pest-free.

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