Is It Time for a New Roof or Will Repairs Be Enough?

Installing a new roof is a costly adventure that many homeowners want to avoid, if at all possible. You can save time and money by understanding exactly when your home’s roof needs to be replaced or whether a simple patch or repair could roof

When a Patch Is More Than Enough

Patching is often all that you need for only a couple of damaged shingles. This is most common after a storm. The best way to determine if a patch is necessary is to actually get up on the roof and take a close look at the roofing materials. Any little spots that are buckling, cracked, or damaged will need to be replaced. This is a quick and affordable job.

Another example of when a patch may be enough is when you find moss on the roof. Moss tends to grow in shaded areas. A stiff brush will remove it, but if damaged shingles are underneath the moss, the area will need to be patched.

Conditions That Require Repairs

Roof repair involves fixing small areas of damage, places where the roof leaks, or spots with simple wear and tear. Repairs are a little more extensive than patching, which means a little more pain when it comes to your bank account. Fortunately, it is still more affordable than replacing the entire roof.

If you have a properly installed roof that is 15 years old or younger, you probably only need a roof repair. Look for damaged areas that involve more than just a couple of shingles. While checking the roof, take a look at the flashing. Flashing seals seams around vents, chimneys, and skylights. New houses use metal flashing while older homes have tar or roof cement. Even if there are no leaks, you may want to upgrade to metal flashing.

When It Is Time to Totally Replace the Roof

Having the roof replaced refers to stripping away the old shingles. An underlayment that blocks water goes on, and the new shingles lay on top. Believe it or not, you want to begin examining your roof by going into the attic. Look for water damage or beams of light coming through. You can also tell if the roof needs to be replaced by looking in the gutters. Old shingles will shed granules. These granules pile up in the gutters and downspouts.

Many times, you can tell the roof needs to be replaced just by looking at it from the ground. Does your roof sag? Are the shingles curling up? Are there spots where the shingles are missing? These are the tell-tale signs of needing a new roof.

Lastly, check the paperwork for the existing roof. The type of roofing material used and the age can be the determining factors when it comes to replacement. Don’t panic if you do need a new roof. The investment you make saves money, protects the home, and increases your property value. Reach out to us at Pierce Roofing for more information.

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